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The Selftest

Over 60% of AD patients go undiagnosed in a primary care setting. The reason Dr. Dougherty developed the COGselftest and has released it as the first and only AD screening test available directly to the public is a direct attempt to reduce this alarming number. The ability to delay AD is more effective the earlier it is diagnosed.

About the COGselftest

Recognizing the need for an easily accessible test for every user, we've developed the COGselftest to give your physician the tools to catch early signs of dementia and cognitive impairment in people ages 50 and older. Be sure to ask your physician if you are concerned about your memory. More →

Development of the COGselftest

In 2002, Dr. John H. Dougherty Jr., a leading neurologist, developed the Self Test, a paper test designed to identify cognitive impairment at the earliest possible stages. This test continues to be widely used in physicians' offices. More →


Here we have compiled a list of answers to our most frequently asked questions.  If this page doesn't address your outstanding question, please feel free to contact us. More →


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Studies have shown COGselftest to be 96% accurate in the screening for cognitive impairment in six areas: verbal fluency, attention, orientation, executive functions, visuo-spatial awareness, and memory. More →

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An easy-to-use online screening tool that aids in the early detection of Alzheimer's Disease. More →

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The Process

Ask your physician about screening for cognitive impairment and they will help you through the process. More →

Who should take the COGselftest

Anyone who is age 50 or older can benefit from testing for mild cognitive impairment. More →

Why take the COGselftest

The COGselftest gives your physician the tools to monitor your cognitive health. More →

More about the Test

Learn more about what makes COGselftest a valid and accurate measure of mild cognitive impairment and AD.

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