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Do You Need a Personal Brain Trainer?

Dr. Michael Merzenich, a leading pioneer in brain plasticity research and founder of Posit Science, makes a compelling case for having one in this Q&A session for the Sharp Brains Summit.

The first step in improving our brain health is to alter our belief system:

"Cognitive training programs, for example, seem counterintuitive to consumers and many professionals - why would one try to improve speed-of-processing if all one cares about is "memory?" A second obvious problem is to get individuals to buy into the effort required to really change their brains for the better. That buy-in has been achieved for many individuals as it applies to their physical health, but we haven't gotten that far yet in educating the average older person that brain fitness training is an equally effortful business!"

Merzenich goes on to talk about impact on driving (better to train drivers neurologically than simply educating them), results of their own clinical studies and impact on performance and cognitive improvements (both on healthy individuals and those with mild cognitive impairment).

In the Next Generation Assessments Merzenich makes the point that Medinteract has been making for years now - outdated assessments for measuring cognitive health are still far too widely relied upon in this field. 

It's important to note that the ALZselftest may be the very first of the so-called Next Generation Assessments, being the ONLY clinically proven screening test to measure all 6 areas of the cognitive domain (with 98% accuracy), which is internet accessible.

Brain training companies like Posit Science continue to break new ground in exercising each cognitive domain in efforts to achieve maximum cognitive performance, but it's crucial to begin with an accurate baseline measurement of our current abilities, and monitor minor changes over time. 

We see a major shift in belief systems in the near future. We will no longer look at the words "dementia" and "Alzheimer's" with fear, but rather from a position of strength. We learn more ways to improve our brain health every day, and through these new understandings, and by accurately assessing our cognitive health regularly we will become empowered to sharpen our minds for as long as our bodies allow us to draw breath.

I wish you good health!

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