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The Research

Research has shown that the COGselftest detects deficits in numerous cognitive domains with a high degree of accuracy.


The COGselftest monitors multiple domains, aiding in the detection of different types and degrees of cognitive impairment.

Results of comparison between stages of AD, MCI and controls for domains. Plotting the degree of each group’s difference from the mean of the control group illustrates Domain Specific Cognitive Patterns (DSCP) associated with MCI and each stage of AD.

These Domain Specific Cognitive Patterns (DSCP) offer the possibility to detect AD or MCI earlier and more efficiently. In addition, they may prove important in differentiating between AD and other types of dementias.


The COGselftest shows superior ability to discriminate between normal functioning, MCI & AD groups, compared to the MMSE.

Results of Discriminant analysis for the entire sample for ALZselftest. The first two of four discriminant functions are shown. These functions account for 97.3% of the variance with eigenvalues of (9.306) and (.675) and Wilks’ Lambda of .045, p = .000 and .460, p = .002. These functions accurately classify 93.1 percent of the groups.

Current and Ongoing:

Download our current Research report conducted with UT Medical Center. Further research is continuing to be carried out on the COGselftest. If you are interested in becoming a research partner, please contact us.

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