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Improve patient care with web-based cognitive screening. ALZselftest is proven, safe, and reliable. Domain specific cognitive patterns (DSCPs) are scored to reveal a distinct pattern based on your patient's disease stage. Give your patients time. 60% of people with early signs of AD go undiagnosed and miss treatment options to manage the disease before severe impairment occurs.



"It is our hope that by making the COGselftest accessible to a medical practice, we can help physicians reduce the number of people whose symptoms go unnoticed until it is too late for effective treatment."
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With so many benefits, there is no reason to not screen yourself. Get screened today! Unsure about your computer skills? Take it with a loved one.

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Patients and Care Givers

If you are a patient or have a family member afflicted, visit Alzheimer's 101 for helpful tips and support.

  • Benefits

Easy. Fits fast-paced workflows and works with most EMRs.

Quick. Delivers reports immediately for the physician and patient.

Peer-reviewed. Featured in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease.

Accurate. Demonstrates 96% sensitivity and 91% specificity.

Reimbursed. Neuropsychological testing is covered by many CPT codes.